At times, a good advice is just what you need to move forward with a decision. Please schedule a consultation with our care coordinators who can advise you on the best action to take for better health in your home, our Alternative living Units or Day habilitation Centers.

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Who We Are

How do we define who we are? – We define Novena Healthcare according to the people we help and the industry that we participate in.

In the healthcare community, the life of the patient is at risk.  Our patients are vulnerable to so many factors; that is why we do as much as we can to preserve their independence, dignity and wellness through competitive Home Care for seniors & young adults. We also provide Residential & Day Habilitation for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Nurse Staffing solutions to medical facilities. We believe that our role is significant in the community we live in.  Our pledge is to fulfill this role to the best of our ability.

At Novena Healthcare Services, you can expect:

  • Individualized Care
    Home Care (Medical and Non-Medical Care) will be customized to the client’s needs.  We create an individualized care plan based on an assessment of the client’s health conditions.
  • Coordinating Care with the Physician and Support Planner
    In developing the individualized care plan, all factors will be considered and referred to the client’s physician.  We coordinate the provision of home care with a medical professional who can help guide us towards achieving the best level of health possible for the patient.
  • Compliance with Standards
    All staff members at Novena Healthcare Services are licensed, bonded and insured.  The agency is also licensed by the State of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia. We complies with applicable Federal and State Rules and Regulations.
  • Background and Reference Check
    We are careful when hiring the people who will compose the team of medical and non-medical professionals at Novena Healthcare Services.  Prior to being hired, all personnel have to undergo thorough background and reference checks. This is a necessary step that we take in order to assemble a trustworthy team who will bring the brand of Novena Healthcare to the homes and the healthcare facilities that they will be assigned to work in.
  • Accessible Care
    To ensure that our clients receive easily accessible care, we require our staff to live within the 30 mile geographical radius of our service areas.  In case of contingencies involving the inability of the scheduled nurse to attend to his or her shift, a replacement can be immediately arranged.  As much as possible, we will do what we can to reduce cases where the client’s schedule or accustomed living conditions are disrupted because care is not accessible from our agency.  We will do what it takes for the continuity of care of our clients.
  • Family Members are Heard and Considered
    Family members will have an opinion of our care services – and we respect them for that.  We would do the same for our family.  Because of this, Novena Healthcare will ensure that family members are considered in making decisions relating to the health and the health management of the client.

For cost-effective and convenient home care, choose Novena Healthcare Services.  We provide for Over-All Care Supervision that is grounded on the values of compassion, patience and quality-focus.  Call our office for assistance or inquiries – 888-958-3524.