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. Day Habilitation Services (DHS)

. Individualized Day Supports (DS)


If you or a loved one has a developmental disability, allow our Direct Support Professionals to help.

We provide  provide day habilitation  program in all our day habilitation facilities to people with developmental disabilities, so that they can blend and function in the community the same as any other citizen.

We focus on enabling people to participate in shared recreational, social, educational, and/or spiritual activities as well as providing supervision, training, and support designed to reach a single end result: enhancing the quality of life.

We currently serve people with developmental disabilities or persons with age-related conditions with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to engage in meaningful daytime activities at our locations in Washington DC & Maryland

With the assistance of our trained professional staff, individuals will:

  • Develop socially appropriate behaviors and interpersonal skills;
  • Develop appropriate grooming, dress, and self-care habits, such as toileting;
  • Receive assertiveness and advocacy training in dealing with life challenges, legal, family, social needs, etc.; and,
  • Develop skills that will lead them to be self-reliant and less dependent.