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Being a highly recommended diverse health care company, Novena Health Care is compelled to keep abreast of the latest methods and techniques in providing caregiving services to our seniors, young adults and people with developmental disabilities under our care. Our management requires the staff to undergo regular trainings and sessions that keep our people competent in providing healthcare services.

Novena Health Care Programs:

Home Care

  • Medical or Skilled Care
    A structured care plan will be used to provide medical or skilled nursing care. We have nurses or nursing assistants working under the supervision of a registered nurse who will be assigned to clients’ homes. Services include but are not limited to  IV Therapy, Wound Care, Tube Feeding, Tracheotomy Care, and Ventilator Services.
  • Non-Medical or Non-Skilled Care
    We also have home health aides and nursing aides who can provide non-skilled care. Non-medical health management needs of clients at home are responded to with services such as Companionship, Assistance with Daily Living Activities and Personal Care et al.

Developmental Disability Services

  • Residential  Habilitation Services 
  • Residential Habilitation
  • Host homes
  • Novena Health Care provides residential services to pediatrics, youths and adults with developmental disabilities. We provide a person-centered care  as our clients take an active role in developing their individual service plan with our interdisciplinary team. We encourage the people we support to engage in family and community activities. We help persons achieve their highest level of independence at home and in the community.We currently operate homes in Washington DC and Maryland serving people with developmental disabilities. Each home provides a family-like environment to the residents. Each home also has a live-in staff person to supervise the home.
  • Day Support Programs
  • Day Habilitation Services (DHS)
  • Individualized Day supports (DS)
  • We provide day care program in all our day habilitation facilities to people with developmental disabilities, so that they can blend and function in the community the same as any other citizen.We focus on enabling people to participate in shared recreational, social, educational, and/or spiritual activities as well as providing supervision, training, and support designed to reach a single end result: enhancing quality of life.

    We currently serve individuals with developmental disabilities or persons with age-related conditions with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to engage in meaningful daytime activities at our locations in Washington DC and Maryland

    With the assistance of our trained professional staff, individuals will:

    • Develop socially appropriate behaviors and interpersonal skills.
    • Develop appropriate grooming, dress, and self-care habits, such as toileting.
    • Receive assertiveness and advocacy training in dealing with life challenges, legal, family, social needs, etc.
    • Develop skills that will lead them to be self-reliant and less dependent.
  • In-Home Support Services
  • Individualized In-Homecare
  • We provide assistance with daily living skills, community inclusion activities, access to health care and other community-based services. These services are provided to people living in their homes, and are tailored to meet the person’s needs and goals.Based on the needs of the person, services include:
    • Assistance with all personal care needs, like bathing & grooming
    • Assistance with daily living activities
    • Meal preparation & medication reminder
    • Escort individuals to clinics, physician’s offices, recreational activities, trips, or other community outings
    • Laundry, shopping & light housekeeping services
    • Train individuals in skills such as money management, utilizing public transportation, solving problems, using the telephone, telling time, and handling emergencies
  • Respite Care
  • Daily/Hourly

Staffing Solutions

Novena Health Care is able to provide staffing in Medical and Nursing Facilities all over Maryland. We deploy Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Medical Assistants and Geriatric Nurse Assistants all over the state for temporary or permanent staffing.


Novena Health Care fosters specific values to ensure the staff and the individuals served are prepared to face the day-to-day challenges in life with confidence in their abilities and that there is a supportive team available when needed.

  • Patience – to endure difficult circumstances, this can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance or anger in a negative way.
  • Perseverance – to keep going in spite of difficult obstacles.
  • Respect – to honor and show consideration.
  • Persistence – to continue in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

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