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Preventing Choking Hazards for the Elderly During a Family Get-Together

Preventing Choking Hazards for the Elderly During a Family Get-Together

A family get-together is a time for everyone in the family, including the seniors, to dine, catch up, tell stories, and show their love and affection for one another. Nothing is more special than spending your time with the ones you love!

The older adults usually grab the chance to stay connected with their children and grandchildren through family gatherings because that does not always happen since everyone is busy with their own lives.

When you arrange a family get-together with your senior loved one, you will also need to plan a menu that everyone can enjoy. However, you must be mindful in choosing certain foods that may pose choking risks to your elderly family member.

Ham and cheese sandwiches or bread with jam is always safe for as long as the dough is soft and not difficult to chew. You can also prepare peanut butter and jelly to pair with the bread.

If you plan to serve meat on the table, you need to make sure that they are grounded or chopped into small pieces. Large chunks of meat can get stuck into the air passages easily, so it is essential that you take the time to cut them into smaller chunks.

If you want to serve plates of seafood for your get-together, you can prepare fish fillet, chopped squid, and oysters. For as long as the seafood does not have anything prickly, your senior loved one should be okay to chew on them.

If you need to feed your aging loved one, you need to be patient with them because it may require them more time to chew and swallow the food. It is also essential that you only serve small portions of food into their mouth.

During family gatherings, everyone always has a story to share and questions to ask. However, it is essential that you remind your family members to refrain from asking the senior adults to address a bunch of subjects when the latter is still chewing on their food. Sometimes, talking between bites can lead to choking.

It is necessary that you keep all the glasses on the table filled with drinks for safety purposes. If there is a choking scenario, sipping a glass of water can help drown the food that got stuck in the airway.

You can take turns with your family members to feed or supervise the senior adult during mealtime to avoid choking accidents. You may also hire a professional caregiver from our home care services in Bowie, Maryland to look after your aging loved one during your family get-together.

If you plan to hire our home health care services during special occasions, then we will be happy and ready to have our friendly and compassionate staff help make your family get-together at home a blast.

For inquiries about our nurse staffing services in MD, you can get in touch with Novena Health Care by dialing 301-867-2506.

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