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Elderly Care: How to Spot If Your Senior Has Poor Nutrition

Elderly Care How to Spot If Your Senior Has Poor Nutrition

Is your senior loved one getting the right nutrition? Nutrition is a high need for older adults. They are at the stage in life when poor nutrition is an alarming occurrence. After all, age-related complications can quickly arise due to poor nutrition. When these occur, you can tap the assistance of providers of Nurse Staffing Services in MD.

Here are the common signs of poor nutrition in an elderly. As a provider of Home Care Services in Bowie, Maryland, let us share this with you so you can make interventions promptly.

  • No energy
    Your aging parent is not showing any excitement or participation in their care activities. This lack of energy can be caused by not having enough iron and protein in the body.
  • Dry skin and hair
    An elderly person can be prone to hair and skin dryness. But if they don’t have sufficient protein and vitamins, this dryness can be more pronounced. As soon as you spot these in your aging parent, you know they need healthier feeding.
  • Brittle nails
    If you’re helping out the personal grooming activities of your aging loved one, you can easily notice if their nails are brittle. There are cracks on the surface and the edge has uneven appearance. This nail problem shows the lack of iron and calcium, along with protein, vitamins A, B6, C, and D.
  • Bad oral condition
    If your senior loved one has many tooth decay or plaques on the gumline, you can be sure they lack vitamin C. This is not a good indicator for seniors who have diabetes.
  • Constipation
    When your senior parent will have consistent constipation, it means they lack zinc and fiber. These nutrients are essential for proper digestion and breakdown of food nutrients.
  • Bad mood
    Have you heard someone tell you not to mess with the hungry lion? It’s also true with hungry people. The senior person who is frequently in a bad mood may not be having the right feeding and nutrition.
  • Bruises that heal slowly
    When you spot bruises appearing in your senior parent’s skin, you can trust it’s not a good sign at all. More importantly, your loved one could have more need of protein, along with vitamins C and K.
  • Low immune system
    You can see that their immune system is low because they easily acquire cough and colds. These are common infections that affect someone who lacks in protein, zinc, and the crucial vitamins A, C, and E.

When you observe these signs in your senior parent, poor nutrition will be the most likely culprit. Better report the situation to their physician in order to address their health need immediately. At Novena Health Care, we can aid your senior family members in getting the right nutrition. We have experienced caregivers who can assist in healthy meal preparations at home. Don’t let this situation get out of hand. Contact us for assistance.

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