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Physical Therapy: Your Guide to Better You

Our bodies are our lifetime assets and it would only be right to take good care of it. As we get older, we will encounter different changes but with the right kind of nutrition and care for our bodies, we help ourselves age gracefully and live a healthier life. Physical therapy specializes in movement and … Continue reading

Understanding Cerebral Palsy: Life Expectancy and Quality of Living

You may have heard of the word Cerebral Palsy (CP) for the first time, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you have seen this actual physical condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CP affects approximately 1-4 children out of 1,000 all over the world. CP is the combination of the words … Continue reading

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Elderly Care: How to Spot If Your Senior Has Poor Nutrition

Is your senior loved one getting the right nutrition? Nutrition is a high need for older adults. They are at the stage in life when poor nutrition is an alarming occurrence. After all, age-related complications can quickly arise due to poor nutrition. When these occur, you can tap the assistance of providers of Nurse Staffing … Continue reading

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Caregiving: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Take Respite

Taking the duties of a caregiver is not for the faint of heart. Unquestionably, it is one of the most fulfilling endeavours known to man – to provide care and support for a loved one. However, it can also be one of the most overwhelming responsibility to carry on one’s shoulders. As a caregiver, you … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Speech Therapy

Communication is an important part of everyday life. It helps us accomplish our tasks both at work and school, strengthen our personal relationships, and share our thoughts with others. It may be a simple thing to do for everyone else, but to people who have speech problems, communication is a feat they struggle to achieve. … Continue reading

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